Saturday, 21 March 2015

And so it begins...

I've often thought about starting a blog, a home to channel my materialistic and ever so shallow daily thoughts, my only problem? All of the common questions I'm sure every blogger-to-be goes through...
What would I write about?
Who would read it?
How often would I post?
Am I posting too much?
Or not enough?
So fast forward to January this year and time for some good old New Years resolutions. This time I was determined to stick to them... No, honestly, I was! Having followed many bloggers over the years, I loved the idea of my own space to share all of the things I love, to have people be able to relate to my posts and a place to document where my minds at in that moment of time. Like an online diary to myself if nothing else.
As a certified technophobe, it's taken me up until now to do my research, plan my blog (another certification of mine... OCD) and the neverending task, lets face it, of picking a blogger name I liked. Stick with me whilst I get everything up and running and pinky (who am I kidding... I'm 25) promise I'll attempt to construct an ongoing honest read for you all.
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Thanks for stopping by...
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