Tuesday, 7 April 2015

20 random facts about me / delayed introduction

I am so rude.
It occurred to me over the Bank Holiday weekend, mid-mini egg coma, that here I am starting this blog and haven't properly introduced myself (aside from the slightly vague profile that Blogger provides).
So accept my deepest apologies and if you are at all interested in finding out 20 of the more mediocre details of my life, read on.

1. I am 25, almost 26... Although I refuse to have to admit I am late twenties come June when I will be further to 30 than 20 *GULP*
2. I am a true Gemini
3. My favourite place in the world is Canada, I have family in Ontario. I don't visit anywhere near as much as I'd like to and every time I think of it I feel warm and fuzzy inside :-)
4. I use Google at least 3 times daily to get me through day to day life
5. I have an unhealthy addiction to olives. Select Morrisons stores have olive pick'n'mix and I'm like a child in a sweet shop
6. I am PETRIFIED of spiders. Common one I know but my heart literally beats three times as fast if I spot even a money spider within 20 foot of me
7. I am an only child, my favourite thing about this fact is when people ask 'What's it like?' 'Do you miss having a brother or sister?' Well... Yeah it's great and no you can't miss what you never had! (Additional fun fact on this is that my boyfriend is also an only child!)
8. I love Formula 1. I have always watched it with my dad since I was little and my favourite races are Abu Dhabi and Singapore
9. I know the rap verses to the Gym Class Heroes song Clothes Off
10. My favourite saying that I try to live by is 'endeavour to freefall' from an old Ellie Goulding song
11. When I was younger I was the shyest little girl and would cling to my mum at every given opportunity until she would prise me away and force me to be sociable
12. I am allergic to shellfish
13. When I was about 14 I met Justin Timberlake, he was fresh out of NSYNC, had hair like dried noodles and was far from cool. A friend and I went in the audience on The Saturday Morning Show and we were selected to meet him after filming, I was marginally embarrassed as he just wasn't 'cool'... Oh if only I was to meet him now...
14. When I was young I had an imaginary friend called Briggsy who wore white overalls and was a painter, however he would only paint things white (?!?!?!)
15. I worked in a variety of retail shops for 7 years and progressed through to management
16. When I was 22 I travelled around America with one of my best friends. One night at a club in Las Vegas we somehow ended up with our own waitress and security guard who even escorted us through the crowds to get to the toilet
17. I am currently addicted to Sons of Anarchy... Jax Teller, HELLO!
18. My first job was a Saturday girl in a hairdressers, my parents didn't really want me to work so young but I was desperate to earn my own money
19. Up until I was born my mum and dad wanted to call me Alicia, when I was born they decided it would suit me better as a middle name, hence the name of my blog
20. My party trick is that I can roll my tongue into three... Here's the proof...
I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me, I welcome anybody to participate in this tag as I love being nosey and finding out about people! Be sure to leave me a comment with the link to your 20 facts post.

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