Monday, 13 April 2015

My new little love

Thank the fashion heavens for Kurt Geiger.
Not only do they consistently provide us with statement seasonal shoes that satisfy many miles of strutting, but they also do some of the best high street handbags I've seen in a long time.
Meet Edee...
Handbag: Carvela Kurt Geiger - LINK

I saw her and my eyes turned heart shaped... I needed her. I don't know if it was my magpie instinct that drew me to the gold hardware or her perfect size that was bound to stop the numb sensation in my forearm, caused by what I can only describe as the suitcases I carry round on a daily basis.
Something I always look for in a bag is a good structure, nobody wants to carry a sloppy tote that you spend 20 minutes fumbling around in for your car keys like a lucky dip. The Edee bag is definitely structured and I can tell that the more I use it, it won't lose shape.
The most surprising thing I have found is how much I can actually fit into it. The main reason for the purchase was so I wouldn't carry around my usual 10 lipsticks, the entire contents of my make up bag, £20 in change in my purse as well as glasses, sunglasses, 2 perfumes and a partridge in a pear tree, although to my amazement I can still take all of this crap with me if I so wish!

The price is £69 and is Carvela Kurt Geiger. Now I know the price seems quite steep for a bag that only pretends to be leather however next to some of my real leather bags you can't tell the difference, plus it is going to be far easier to clean up (heaven forbid I get anything on it) than an actual leather bag.
Remember, all you need is love handbags.

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