Sunday, 26 April 2015

Newbie alert: Revolution makeup at Superdrug

My eyes popped out of my head when I walked into my local Superdrug last weekend and spotted this new instalment. For the next approximately 50 minutes of my life I spent playing around with all the palettes, lipsticks, blushers etc etc. To say I looked like a toddler had attacked me with a crayon was an understatement!
Revolution is a new brand to Superdrug and prices start from just £1. The company claim they use formulas that rival some of the leading high end brands and I definitely have to agree. The shadows are highly pigmented, the lipsticks are creamy and the blushes give a beautiful wash of colour.

I have literally only scratched the surface with this little haul, (mainly because most of the lines were already sold out!!!!) but rest assured there will be a very similar looking post in the not too distant future when I track down a Superdrug near me that is at least half stocked! I also can't wait to get my hands on some of the eye foil eyeshadows that are VERY comparable to the Stila magnificent metals, however Revolution price them at only £5!!!!!!!!!
The first items that caught my eye were these amazing baked highlighters. They retail at £3 each and there are 6 shades to choose from, including the most pigmented bronzer I've ever swatched. I went for pink lights and golden lights. Seriously, I die! My fear with cheap highlighters is that my face will end up sparkling like Tinkerbell but the product is so finely milled these little beauties have completely elbowed my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick into the back of the drawer.
Baked Highlights - Pink Lights (LEFT) Golden Lights (RIGHT) - £3 each

I am always on the lookout for the perfect brow products so naturally I gravitated towards the arch and shape product. There are various shades to choose from and one end is a brow pen, the other is a pencil. What an amazing product, not to keep doing this but very similar to the Anastasia Beverley Hills brow wiz and brow pen - except this is all in one product... For £3.50! I have used it every day since I bought it and the felt tip is the perfect tool for achieving a strong but natural eyebrow, it also does not move once applied, can we all just take a minute to give thanks!

Brow Arch & Shape - £3.50

The final thing I picked up was the run boy run eyeshadow palette. I absolutely did not need this but who can resist a broad spectrum shadow range in one convenient case! There are 18 shades in the palette, 12 shimmer and 6 matte. Sounding perfect so far isn't it? It gets even better when you see the price tag and its £6. The impulsive lunatic inside of me was screaming 'Get them all! Even the one with the neon colours that you'll never use!' Thankfully I held it together and chose the one I would get most use out of on a day to day basis. I did intend on buying a couple of the single shadows as well, but someone had kindly butchered most of them with their fingers (don't you just hate when people do that) so I passed.

An overview of the shadows; the majority are amazing, the matte ones are slightly less pigmented but will be nice just as a wash of colour on their own. The shimmer ones are a 'two swipe and you're there' kind of pigment, I could sit and compare them to so many other brands but all that needs to be said is that they're great and wear really well throughout the day. Plus they've all been given cute names like 'running is victory' and 'sun will be guiding you'.

Run Boy Run - Eyeshadow Palette - £6

(L-R) - top row, middle row and bottom row swatches

Have you tried anything from the Makeup Revolution line? Feel free to leave any recommendations below!!


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