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Life lessons for the twenty-somethings

I sometimes feel people in their twenties are under more pressure than 'middle aged' people. I've been thinking about things I've learnt so far in this decade and wanted to share some of them so you out there might not panic like I have throughout this time in my life!

Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself
I don't know what it is but everything I seem to do in my twenties I put pressure on myself about now I'm a statistical 'grown up'. Whether it's doing well at work, saving money or even just completing an every day task. I am constantly thinking 'come on, you're 25, you can do better than that'. Sometimes we should praise ourselves a little more and acknowledge what a good job we've done instead of focusing so much time on self criticism.
It's ok to still not know what you want from life
Another thing I constantly put myself down about, what is it that I want from life. After talking to people around me about this particular topic I can hereby confirm even people in their 40s/50s don't always know what they want from life. Sometimes its good to go with the flow and let some things map out how they naturally should.
Don't write yourself off because you're approaching your thirties
My friends and I are constantly talking about what we must achieve before we reach 30. As if life is suddenly going to stop when we reach those magic digits. My mum is forever telling me I'm young and deep down I panic and think 'No I'm not! I'M 4 YEARS OFF 30!!! I need kids and a dog and a family car'. When in actual fact what is it about being in your twenties that means you have to cram so much in before the big 3-0?! We'll have nothing to do for the next decade if we do it all now.
Acting your age is overrated
People often think you have to mature and blossom into this sensible young woman/man just because you get a full time job and gain a few extra outgoings... Why??? Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I don't still enjoy laughing at people when they trip up in public or scooting down the aisles of the supermarket on a trolley. Live a little!
Credit is NOT always a good idea
I might sound like a right old geriatric but I learnt this the hard way at university. You think 'oh who cares, I'm young, I'll only live once so lets buy the dress, shoes, bag and drink at the best bars in the city'. This is all until you get to the age you REALLY need to just pay it off, then it's not so fun and you're left denting your salary each month to pay off a couple of months of fun you had with a piece of plastic!

You'll feel 'older' at times
Reaching the stage where younger people you speak to don't know who the Spice Girls are is ok. Well, it isn't, but you have to make it seem ok and quickly use YouTube to educate them!
Some friendships will fade
I've learnt to just let go. You physically can't keep track of all the friends you knew growing up. Something has to give if you also want to spend precious time with family, have a relationship and a career. The real friends are the ones you need in your life, who add value, don't make dramas and who also need you in their life as well. You don't necessarily have to fall out with people. As my friends and I say, life just gets in the way. 
Family time is golden
You're getting older, but so are your family. One of my biggest fears in life is that one day I'll look back and wish I'd spent more time with loved ones. It might be a 'hassle' sometimes but who ever wants to deal with the burden of regret?!
Stop measuring yourself against others
You aren't everyone else, so why would you compare yourself to them? Focusing your attention on where you are against someone else is wasted time that could be better spent reflecting on  lovely things you have in your life to make you realise you wouldn't want to be anybody but you!
You learn to appreciate the little things more
Whether that little thing is a period of time, a moment or something as simple as a pretty view. When I was little my mum and dad would take me for walks in the countryside and I could never understand when my dad got his camera out and snap a bunch of mountains or a scenic view at every opportunity. As you get older you learn to see the world is a beautiful place and you treasure the smaller things a lot more.
Always have a focus or goal
Whether this career aimed or in your personal life, have something you work towards and do it with all your spirit. It might not be anything life changing but have a rough path mapped out so you have a clear vision.
There IS more to life than alcohol
If you'd told my 20 year old self that in 6 years time my Saturday night preference would be an evening at home on the sofa watching a good film with a bottle of wine, I'd have laughed in your face and asked you to pass me the next Jagerbomb! Unfortunately, this is the reality though. Now I love a night out as much as the next person but recovering until the middle of next week and worrying about someone spilling a drink on my new dress all night is just a panic you don't need to deal with on a weekly basis!

What are your age related woes??


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  1. Good post catty! Like these leanings 😘 x


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