Thursday, 26 November 2015

Candle Fever

In fear of sounding like a pyromaniac, I love fire. I’m not talking big bonfires and putting a match to anything I think will burn, just the flicker of a few lit candle wicks on a dark night. My love for candles is an obsession my boyfriend loathes, whether we’re out for a weekend stroll or at the supermarket doing the weekly shop, I can sniff those little waxy friends out anywhere! With candles, I adore the fact they don't just warm any room with an amber glow, but a lot of the jars and holders are so fancy they act as the perfect room decor.

Having gone through so many brands and different types, I feel compelled to pass my knowledge onto you all and give you some of my recommendations to suit any budget. I have added links to go shop where possible.

1. Jo Malone: My all-time favourite but not one that I burn every day (due to the price tag). Jo Malone is one of my favourite perfume brands so it’s only natural that I would love their candles too, there’s nothing better than matching your cologne to the smell of your living room. The candles in black jars are a deeper scent and slightly stronger (as well as a little pricier).

2. The White Company: Pure is the best way I would describe White Company candles, they look pure, they burn pure and they smell pure. Their choices of scent are beautiful and for the more expensive price tag you’re getting a much better quality fragrance.
3. DW Home: Hand poured candles that originate in California, these candles are luxury without the price tag. Often found in TKMaxx stores, the sophisticated scents have your room smelling delightful in no time.
4. Primark: These were a brilliant little addition to Primark’s already generous offerings of all things mediocre quality. Their candles don’t have the most natural aroma but they’re pleasant and come in pretty tins too, just be careful not to put them near a wall or you’ll end up with black smudges all over from the impurities in the smoke.
Available at Primark stores, from £1

5. NEOM: Their all organic candles comprise of pure vegetable wax, cotton wicks and all natural fragrance. These candles are more on the expensive end of the spectrum however you can definitely tell the difference and the scents smell so much more purer than other brands, definitely worth the money.
6. Baylis & Harding Beauticology: Very affordable, strong scents and plenty of variety, Beauticology focus more on fruit scents so they’re quite sweet but they look pretty and have good burning time.
7. Marks & Spencer: Like everything else, their candles are just a little nicer than some others you may find for a similar price so you really feel like you’re getting good value for money. They have some beautiful Christmas scents out but never fail to make me spend my pennies at any time of year with their wide variety.

Candle scents go with the seasons too... Of course!

Spring - dewy meadow - fresh laundry

Summer - floral - fruity - strong perfumed scent

Autumn - amber - warming aromas

Winter - pine infused - spicy - tobacco notes

What are your favourite brands and fragrances?


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