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Home edit: 10 tips to make your house a home

There’s nothing I love more than going to someone else’s house and it instantly feeling like home. I’m forever on a mission to make my house feel this way, warm and inviting not only for family or guests, but for the permanent occupants too! So here is my guide on quick fixes to make any place feel like home.

Whether draped over the sofa or rolled up in a basket at the foot of the fire, they’re the essential tool for cosiness.

Candles… Lots of candles
Spend time picking the right scent for you, there’s nothing worse than a scented candle infused headache. Scatter them around the house or group them together, it’s a more pleasant aroma than any plug in or air freshener and you can pick inexpensive ones up from places like Primark, Asda and Matalan. You can find out more about candles on my blog post HERE.

Fresh flowers are best, but if you’re not the nurturing type and don’t want the hassle of looking after them then there’s some great fake options. Try put flowers in a position where people will naturally look to first, (hallways, kitchen tables etc.) and your home will instantly feel more welcoming. Also, avoid super fancy vases, let the flowers speak for themselves.

You can have the most boring sofa in the world, but dress it with a few cushions and it is instantly revived and beckoning. Styling them is important too, avoid putting too many together, stagger them in front of one another and wrinkle the middle down on some for extra plumpness. TOP TIP: Get to the big supermarkets, they have some of the best home d├ęcor around.

Make sure your house is personal to you, so many people who create the most beautiful homes don’t display their own memories. Ok, the colours in the photos might not go with the colour scheme of that room but choose a frame that will tie everything together and if needed print the photos in black and white or sepia to blend in better.

Having lived in light restricted city apartments in previous years, I’m more than appreciative of a house that offers lots of light. Not only does it make rooms appear more spacious, but everything in that room just feels a little more alive. Not all houses have huge windows but make good use of the window space you have, dress them to draw attention but don’t over crowd them with fussy curtains or ornaments.

Serene space
Try create a little nook somewhere that doesn’t have much more than maybe a chair and a few books or magazines. Sometimes it’s nice to unwind without the noise and flicker of the TV straight away.

I hate the word ‘practical’ but in order to present your home at its best, practicality and functionality must play a part in the design. You can’t present clean lines and focal points in a room full of clutter. Storage doesn’t have to be ugly plastic boxes though, there are lots of options including chests, baskets and even fancy pieces of furniture.

Fresh laundry
My ultimate love. Nothing says ‘home’ like the smell of your freshly laundered clothes. I especially love clean washing in winter as the heat from the radiators sends the fragrance all over the house.
Whether I’m making dinner on an evening or tidying around at the weekend, I always feel more at home if my favourite music is playing in the background. I especially love to subject everyone to Christmas music through this time of year at any given opportunity!

N.B. It’s important for me to note that any house is a privilege and in no way am I suggesting these are the only things that will make a house feel homely, this post is merely to give ideas and inspiration.

What kind of things make your house a home?



  1. Gorgeous!! Just what I need to read right now, love this post!! �� xxxx

  2. You'll get there, it will be homely in no time!! xxx


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