Thursday, 10 December 2015

Every day beauty essentials

Having just got over the trauma of running dangerously low on my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favourite beauty must-haves. In the midst of this miserable December, I absolutely don't leave the house without a tube of 8 Hour in my bag and that in itself got me thinking about other products I repeatedly purchase throughout the year.
Baby Wipes
Before you gasp in disgust, no, I don't use them on my face and yes, I'm very aware how truly crap and inefficient they are for makeup removal. I always have a pack of baby wipes close by, mainly to get the makeup marks from pale coloured clothing *hangs head in shame*, I always go for the Boots own as they're 98% water.
Dry Shampoo
A godsend if your hair is anything like mine and takes half a morning to wash, dry and style. I'll be the first to hold my hands up and say I probably only wash my hair twice a week, for a few reasons. Time being the main one but also the sheer look of horror on my hairdressers face when I once told her I tended to wash my hair most nights. As much as we all want to get rid of the natural oils in our hair, they're great for the hair itself, in face they can work better than most products to try and improve hair condition.
Neal's Yard - Beauty Sleep Concentrate
If you haven't read my post on this little miracle cream then you can find it here. This product has saved my skin so many times, if I've ever been out in the cold for a period of time I make sure I lather this on my face and neck at night and when I wake up the next morning it's as if I'm fresh from a facial.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
I've always wondered where they get off calling this product a cream, it's most definitely an emollient. This product is a little more pricey but if you think about all the money you might spend on cuticle oil, lip balm, medical creams for cuts, scratches, burns etc. then you definitely get value for money with this. There are literally 101 ways it can be used... Maybe that will be another post in itself.
Refreshing Under Eye Patches
An under eye roll on will work just as well but these are my 'thing' at the moment. I'm pretty sure it's because they're a little different and gimmicky - I'm all about a gimmick product. If I ever wake up extra tired these are the first things I reach for, I usually apply them whilst having breakfast and by the time I come to putting my makeup on I'm literally bright eyed and (maybe not so) bushy tailed. Cucumber will work just as well, but I envy anyone who has time to lay with two slices on their eyes for 20 minutes in a morning!
Charcoal Face Mask
I dread to think how much money I've spent over the years on face masks and I always come back to the charcoal ones. I find charcoal masks make my skin feel so clean and refreshed. Their main aim is to free skin of toxins and decongest skin.

Hand Sanitiser
This one if for all my fellow germophobes out there; I go through this stuff like air. The thought of some of the germs we must all come into contact with on a daily basis gives me the heebie geebies and I convince myself if I looked closely I'd probably be able to see them on my hands. Eeeeeppp! Sanitiser is by no means a consolation for washing hands but whilst that's not always possible this Soap & Glory one smells absolutely amazing and isn't as drying as other brands.
Face Spritz
Great for fixing makeup and even better for cooling you down on hot days when there isn't a pool handy to dive into! If you're more concerned with fixing makeup then Mac Fix + is a good choice; if you're simply revitalising your skin half way through the day there are lots of cheaper alternatives like this Anatomicals one that smells really clean and fresh.
Pore Strips
Slightly yack but we all have pores and there's nothing worse than feeling all clogged up. Sometimes a face scrub just doesn't work quite the same, pore strips however are a brilliant little invention that just pull those little suckers out.
Tea Tree Oil
A really important one for drying up pesky spots, whether they've reared their ugly head  already or you can feel them about to. Tea tree oil comes in many different forms, facial washes, scrubs and even moisturisers, however the pure oil itself can be used topically to really target certain areas.

What are your beauty essentials?


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