Sunday, 17 January 2016

Emma Hardie - amazing face cleansing balm review

I'm not one for hyping a product that I find 'OK' to use in my skincare routine so please know this post comes from the bottom of my thankful face. I'm also not sure what it is about the cleansing balm but you know it's good when even your 'skincare clueless' boyfriend wants to try it and says how amazing his skin feels after using it.

For quite some time I had pondered buying the Emma Hardie amazing face every time I went into Space NK. The main put-me-off was my combination skin and the thought of putting anything oily/greasy on it. No matter how many times sales assistants would assure me I would love it, I guessed they were just doing their job and pushing for sales (shame on me for presuming  but I've been there in retail!) Anyway, fast forward to Christmas and the opening of a lovely gift from a friend and as quick as that she started my utter obsession with this product.

The balm itself is very soft to the touch and smells like you've just left a spa. The instructions state to wet the face and then apply, however I've found my favourite way to use it is straight from tub to face and literally watch my makeup melt. A little goes a long way, so for £38, 100g will last you a good while.

The product comes with its own cleaning cloth to wet and wipe away the balm (and disgusting amounts of makeup if you're anything like me). One side of the cloth is a soft flannel and the other is a muslin cloth. Both work well, the muslin cloth is slightly more abrasive though. The cleanser leaves your skin feeling already moisturised (not that I would recommend not moisturising after) but it's so refreshing to use a product that doesn't leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated.

Onto its uses...
- cleanser
- face mask
- cuticle oil
- lip balm

Now I'm unhealthily addicted to this product, I'm just making the decision on what to purchase next!

Product can be bought here: Emma Hardie

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